Sharing an eCard as a Gift instructions

eCards can now be sent as gifts for special occasions or just because! Once you've purchased eCards from Phoenix Health Shop.Save.Support. Program you can send them anytime to anyone you like using our Share as a Gift tool.

Simply follow the steps below.

First you need to purchase your eCards as you normally would. See our step by step guide to learn more about eCards.

Once you've received email confirmation that your eCards has arrived, it will appear in your eWallet. You can find your eWallet in your Member Dashboard.

Find the eCards you wish to send as a gift and select Send Gift.

Select the occasion from the dropdown menu, these are updated seasonally and include occasions like Christmas, Birthdays, Congratulations and more.

Add your details and the details of the person you’re sending the eCards to and remember they don’t have to be a member to receive a gift from Phoenix Health Shop.Save.Support. Program. By adding a phone number as well as an email, we’ll text them on your behalf to let them know they’ve been sent a gift.

You'll have an opportunity to personalise your email in the next step.

Add a special message for your recipient, all the parts of the email in orange can be personalised. You can even add a photo if you wish!

Once you’ve finished personalising your email, preview your email and when you’re happy with it press send. We'll send a copy to your email address as well for your records.